The Next Epoch Seed Library re-imagines the traditional seed bank for the oncoming Anthropocene. A collaboration with Ellie Irons, and with the help of several contributors, NESL focuses on weedy species most likely to thrive in a landscape dominated by human excess. It is stocked with seeds from vacant lots, street verges, superfund sites and abandoned infrastructure.

Providing services like soil stabilization, moisture retention, heat-island reversal, toxic bioaccumulation and medicinal and nutritional attributes, these plants will be the ideal pioneer species, forming the base of new, novel ecosystems as we move through the bottleneck of the sixth mass extinction. We are encouraging viewers to look at the overlooked and to be aware of how our value systems interact with both humans and non-humans.

NESL at No Longer Empty’s “Intersecting Imaginaries”, Bronx, NY, 2015

NESL is highly adaptable and can take many forms: from site-specific sculpture; to public events and workshops; to documentation in the form of maps, photographs, video and drawings; to an online searchable, mail-order inventory; to plant propogation.

Ellie Irons collecting seeds from Hunters Point

If you’re interested in participating by donating seeds to the project, or if you would like to order seeds, please get in touch: nextepochseedlibrary (at) gmail (dot) com.

Next Epoch Seed Library installation at William Paterson University, Spring 2016

Next Epoch Seed Library

No Longer Empty, Chance Ecologies, William Paterson University
2015 to Present
Ellie Irons