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I met students at Jersey City MS #7 to talk about #TreeSpeech. They’ll soon be creating their own twitter accounts for nearby trees!

“I meet artist Anne Percoco outside a formidable-looking Jersey City high school, set among some of the busiest streets in the city. It’s an unlikely setting for the beginning of a nature walk, but finding wilderness amidst concrete and blaring car stereos is Percoco’s speciality.

She’s taking me to a favorite spot of hers — an abandoned commuter train line — to collect weed seeds for one of her current projects, the Next Epoch Seed Library. The project is a seed library for the Anthropocene: a collection of seeds that have proven their mettle by surviving in some of the harshest conditions humans can throw at them…”


I’m working on a new project with Sustainable Jersey City. I am assigning twitter accounts to Jersey City trees, and inviting residents to tweet, in the first person, from the trees' perspectives. More info here: